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Man has tried to enlarge his penis for centuries upon centuries. Many tribes pierce holes in their manhood to enable them to hang weights off of them in a painful mode of making their penis longer and larger. Obviously this is one method to avoid to make your penis larger. Modern man has, however, steered away from tying rocks to their penis  thankfully, but some of the replacements can be even more dangerous than the aforementioned rocks!

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Theoretically it seems to make tremendous sense that if you pump your penis up using a vacuum that when the vacuum is stopped, that you will have a larger penis. Granted, that may very well be true, however this method has a lot of problems associated with it. For example:

  • Results are only temporary
  • Fades away in minutes
  • Potentially dangerous
  • Serious problems can occur if over pumped
  • Peyronies disease risk
  • Blisters may form
  • Circulation problem may arise
  • Burst capillaries are a definite possibility

Penis Enlargement Pills

Those that are currently on the market unfortunately do not work. In addition, there have been some very terrifying reports that have surfaced regarding these particular methods to avoid to make your penis larger, some of which are:

  • Specific herbs that heighten blood flow to the general body thus useless for your penis
  • Incredibly expensive
  • May contain ingredients that the FDA warns about
  • Some ingredients may cause horrible allergies

Penis Weights

It is so unfortunate that many men end up maiming themselves using penis weights. Here are the potential problems associated with another of the bad methods to make your penis larger:

  • Decreased sensitivity
  • Sex drive loss
  • Normally found unsafe
  • May cause lack of circulation
  • May cause nerve damage
  • May elicit penis malformation
  • Can result in permanent impotence
  • Damages may result in decreased size
  • Stretch marks
  • High potential of scarring

Medical Operations

There are indeed many medical surgical procedures that have been tried to make the penis larger. These include severing the suspensory ligament from the pubic bone. Unfortunately this can make the penis extremely unstable, move in odd angles, and prove to become useless. Some medical authorities have moved skin flaps from the pubic area and grafted that onto the penis. Unfortunately this leads to terrible deformities, such as hair on the penis, and of course scarring creating some very unsightly bumps and lumps. Some fat deposits have been injected into the penis, some from the patient himself or cadavers. It does not work causing excessive bleeding, total loss of penile function, or the body reabsorbs the fat and then that results in highly irregular penis shapes. Thus, add that to the methods to avoid to make your penis larger.  Please read Penis Enlargement Surgery Facts here.

Leaving Only One Safe Working Method

You can now understand why Penis Advantage is sought after so much. It is thoroughly safe, has no damages associated with it, best yet the results are for life and real natural penis enlargement.

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