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How Penis Advantage Works

Before you understand how Penis Advantage works, you must first understand how your penis works, meaning the physical parts of your penis as it is currently. Regardless of its length or girth (the measurement of it around your penis) inside there are three different chambers. One is a smaller one and it is known as the Corpus spongiosum and it runs under your penis and it also carries with it the urethra through which a male urinates as well as delivers the semen when he orgasms. Two larger ones known as the Corpora Cavernosa are present along the very top of your penis.

It is the two larger ones that allow your penis to swell and get bigger as they fill with blood when you have an erection. Consider this part of your penis as a sponge, and when the sponge is full and can take no more, that’s when the medical authorities say you have experienced your maximum erection size.

Now you can see where this is headed and how Penis Advantage works, for if you can increase the amount of blood that the Corpora Cavernosa can hold, it stands to reason that your penis will become bigger. This is exactly what Penis Advantage does and it functions by changing the cell walls within those chambers ever so carefully allowing more blood to be stored within them. With each exercise you accomplish, you penis mends itself, grows the cells again but larger and stronger each time.  This means that your penis can now accept more blood, thus you will have a bigger, fitter and much more eye-appealing penis. The question is not if you will be keen on Penis Advantage but how much you’ll love it after you see the results that start within 2 short weeks?

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