Penis Enlargement Cream


Penis Enlargement CreamFirst of all, how can a penis enlargement cream possibly enlarge your penis without perhaps causing bad effects? Logically it does not make sense, thus ordinarily it is a huge waste of money and a lot of work that unfortunately does not result in anything happening at all.


Secondly, what kind of ingredients could be in a penis enlargement cream and how trust worthy can it be?

For instance, you will encounter things like:

  • Epimedium Sagittatum, a kind of leaf extract
  • Fructus Crataegi, a kind of Hawthorne Berry
  • Semen Cuscutae, a kind of Cuscuta seed extract
  • Ginkgoaceae, something you’ve heard of finally, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
  • Panax Ginseng, a kind of red Asian Ginsent
  • Ptychopetalum Olacoides – called an extract of the Muira Pauma bark

Are these truly things that you wish to rub against your precious penis?

More importantly are these truly things that you wish to introduce to your partner when performing oral sex? Imagine the oily residue left behind? If you use a condom, how will you know that it won’t “eat” through the condom and risk a possible disease, much less the danger of an unwanted pregnancy? You should also be aware that some of them cause a very noxious foul smell, which will be very unappetizing to your partner.

Other Ingredients

Some other products use Nitric Oxide. Medically nitric oxide is a smooth muscle relaxant! Do you wish for that to be introduced to your prized member? How about Ascorbic Acid or Citric Acid? Not likely! Finally what about the technological and hygienic standards that these ingredients were made with?


Then there are the disclaimers that you will find in very small type with regard to a penis enlargement cream. What in the heck are “generally expected results” anyway? Could they be more nebulous about it, and being in compliance with certain FTC/FDA requirements? Those disclaimers certainly bring up fears in me and my penis!

What about your partner?  Have you heard that many of these creams have a numbing effect that then prevents them from achieving orgasm? One penis enlargement cream claims that it is Dr. approved, and it is, but his Doctorate is in psychology, thus he is highly aware of what the mind can do for those who believe that creams will help them add inches to their penis. It’s called the placebo effect.

One small print says that the product was laboratory tested, and there were no adverse health effects. Further down it says that they tested for Carcinogens, Acute Dermal Toxicity, and Acute Oral Toxicity. Needless to say that should make you shudder.

What else?

Interestingly enough a number of these penis enlargement creams and other potions claim that results will be substantially better if one combines their creams and such with penis enlargement exercises. Thus it all boils down to being able to perform the correct exercises. This is what makes PenisAdvantage so incredibly great. It is only about doing the correct exercises, and involves no potions, no brews, no “miracle” creams, nor even any new discovered “miracle” compounds. Rest assured that there are no poultices that can grow your penis, but exercises performed correctly will!

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