Penis Enlargement Surgery


Penis Enlargement SurgeryThere are some men who go through this {Phalloplasty} in order to enlarge their penis size. Of course there is tremendous pain involved and there is a plethora of side effects as well.

The Actual Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgically it involves the actual cutting of the ligaments that are currently holding the penis in its present location and by cutting those ligaments that then allows the penis to descend down further in effect making its appearance longer, and not as short as before. The man usually gains an inch in appearance with this type of penis enlargement surgery. As it heals, weights are applied to the penis to in fact stretch it. Unfortunately this usually results in a thinner appearance to the penis, but the loss of girth is sometimes what has to be traded in order to gain in length with surgical penis enlargement. Negatives of penis enlargement surgery are:

  • Penis may permanently point down even during erection
  • Scar tissue
  • Base of penis is hairy giving it a very strange appearance
  • Penis enlargement surgery cost is very expensive.

Vascular Organs

There are some very complex and elaborate inner vascular organs that become filled with blood during erection, and those organs can be moved by another component of penis enlargement surgery. This can result in an appearance of lengthening when there is no erection present. With this type of penis enlargement surgery, unfortunately there is no actual lengthening of the penis in erection, and the same negatives can be applied as mentioned above.

Additional Girth Through Surgery

Another means of adding girth is available to the surgeon utilizing penis enlargement surgery by using transplanted fat cells from other parts of the patient’s body and building up the width of the penis. This often results in a strange appearance as the head of the penis cannot be changed at all involving this procedure therefore the penis attains a wider girth at the cost of it becoming downright ludicrous. Another unfortunate point of this type of surgery is that it only lasts a few months and thus needs to be repeated, resulting in more pain and of course additional expense.

Psychological And Physical Risks

  • Psychological damage possible if results are even mildly unsatisfactory
  • Post operative infections
  • Possible damage to surrounding tissues and nerves
  • Anesthesia side effects
  • Misshapen penis

The Best Choice

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